26 de septiembre de 2022

How to Calculate the Cash Flow From Investing Activities

Net cash refers to the position of a company with regard to its liquidity position. To calculate net cash, a company will need to deduct its […]
29 de junio de 2022

Horizontal analysis definition

Content Common Excel Problems For Finance and Accounting Difference Between Maize Flour and Corn Flour Horizontal Analysis of Financial Statements How is the horizontal analysis performed? […]
1 de abril de 2022

IFRS for Small and Medium-Sized Entities IFRS for SMEs

Content Why would a company want to use LIFO instead of FIFO why doesn’t the IFRS allow LIFO? U.S. GAAP vs. IFRS comparisons series IAS plus […]
21 de julio de 2021

Leading Payment Processing Platform

Content There are a lot of reasons to start selling with Square. Find the right solutions to help your business today. No additional processing fees Online […]
16 de abril de 2021

How To Prepare a Balance Sheet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Content Business Insights How to Make a Balance Sheet from Trial Balance with Example The balance sheet equation Compare total assets against liability and equity. Owners’ […]
5 de abril de 2021

Goodwill Overview, Examples, How Goodwill is Calculated

Content Goodwill: $600,000 Protect Your Company’s Trade Secrets with a Trade Secret Audit of Tax Benefits Goodwill: Understanding Capital Assets However, SOP 98-1 specifically states that […]
4 de marzo de 2021

Cost of Goods Sold COGS Explained With Methods to Calculate It

Content Editorial Process How to Get Finished Goods Inventory: An Example Manufacturing Overhead: Step 4: Add the beginning work-in-progress inventory COST OF GOODS MANUFACTURED: Formula, Schedule, […]
8 de enero de 2021

Are You Wasting Time Counting Cash Registers?

Content Manually counting cash is one of the best ways to lose money in your retail business. Step 4. Step 8: Close the drawer Why should […]
15 de junio de 2020

Gusto vs QuickBooks Payroll: Which is Better?

Content Pricing Premium plan Try Gusto Free HelloSign Review Comparing Gusto to QuickBooks Who should use QuickBooks? It automates your tax filings with the right agency […]
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